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Global Game Jam with GDevelop

23-01-2021 10:01

Global Game Jam 2021 is starting soon! During one (long) week-end (27 - 31 January), make a game and submit it to the jam - whatever your location! GDevelop is a great way to take part into the jam, as it has all the tools you need to quickly create and publish a game.

100 releases of GDevelop 5 🎉

19-09-2020 12:00

GDevelop 5 recently reached its 100th release. It’s a great milestone, and looking back at the first versions of GDevelop, we’re very proud of what was accomplished and we’re even prouder of the community that is living around GDevelop!

Use Firebase in your GDevelop games

08-01-2021 10:01

After a few month of work, we’re happy to announce an integration of Firebase in GDevelop! If you want to see it in action, check the Firebase example. Firebase is a Backend-as-a-Service. It offers multiple service for your app or game, is scalable, cheap, and powerful, while staying generic enough to be used for almost any project.