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The Mighty Rune (in development) por Wishforge Games

The Mighty Rune is a 2D pixel art adventure platformer created by Andriy Mtviychuk at Wishforge Games.

You will be helping a brave hunter to return the stolen Magical Rune to his village. Explore mystical and dangerous places while you fight evil creatures along your journey to unravel the mystery of The Mighty Rune.

The Mighty Rune (in development)

Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH por Lil BUB's Team

BUB es una criatura muy especial, única en su tipo. Más específicamente, ella es el gato más increíble del planeta.... y su juego está hecho con GDevelop!

El juego es un juego retro de 8 bits, con bellas artes y banda sonora, que alterna entre niveles de plataformas, con secretos ocultos, y niveles de tirador con jefes, múltiples enemigos y bonos.

Lil BUB's HELLO EARTH, a game made with GDevelop

Hyperspace Dogfights por Sleeper Games

Hyperspace Dogfights es un jugoso pícaro juego de combate a chorro en el que podrás volar, esquivar y abrirte camino a través de masas de enemigos tecnológicamente inferiores.

A medida que avanza tu misión de intervención intergaláctica, tu hiper-jet adaptativo se convertirá en algo más fuerte y extraño al reunir algunos de los cientos de objetos disponibles en el juego.

Hyperspace Dogfights, a game created with GDevelop

Swamp por After Apocalypse

Your journey begins when you awaken in a back of a van with a dying man and a dead bug. Just before that, you and your soon dead yet-to-be friend were on the run for a better future across post apocalyptic wastelands of a region once called “France”. Attacked by a horde of bugs the van ended up stuck in the mud in the middle of a swamp with you as the only survivor.

The adventure will be full of deadly and treacherous twists as the danger lurks in the shadows along the path.


SpaceWings por Erwill

Many time ago, in the solar system, the sun has grown, causing a global warming in the system and the disappearance of all life on earth. SpaceWings studied this case and send Kyoko, an alien red panda, observe this phenomenon by moving closer and closer to the sun.

SpaceWings is an original action game with a breakout vibe. Destroy enemies with the ball and shots while dodging bullets.


Karambola por Holy Pangolin

In the middle of the summer, a pack of evil bird-thoughts attacked a peaceful village of emotional fruit people. They have been separated, each sent into a different season, focused on their own loneliness and internal landscape of troubles. If you wish, help Karambola on his quest to rescue his friends from the power of evil thoughts.

Karambola is a surreal story for adventure lovers and gentle souls, contains logical puzzles, handmade graphics, original music, and is altogether a rather contemplative experience.

The game was nominated for AMAZE Berlin 2017 awards, shown at NowPlayThis 2017 festival in London, PGA 2017 in Poznań, Pixel Heaven 2017 in Warsaw.


Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy por Rebel Valley Inc.

Eggventure is a challenging and funny adventure game where player gets to experience and survive endless trap surprises.

The goal is to defeat the big bad boss that is invading planet Rattarium and become the Savior of the Galaxy. Calm mind, fast reflexes, and mood stability will be the key of the success.

Now that the whole planet's hope is on you, are you up for the challenge?

Eggventure: Savior of Galaxy

Escape from the cursed city por Gabor Gyenei

As a member of the Special Forces, you will be alone in a city prison after a misguided mission. During an accident in a secret laboratory, the city got invaded by zombies.

Your duty is to find the lab and destroy it. Then escape the city, killing as many zombies as you can.

Escape from the cursed city

A Pixel Adventure Legion por Ulises Freitas

A castle in the middle of nowhere, a princess in danger, and of course a brand new hero to rescue her. Enjoy the most epic adventure inside and outside the great castle.

All kind of monsters are trying to stop you, but as a brave hero, you must fulfill your promise and rescue the princess.

A Pixel Adventure Legion

Miko Adventures: Puffball (in development) por Coriander Games

One day Miko was walking in the forest when suddenly he stumbled upon something that changed his life... uncover what happened to Miko and how can he make everything go back to normal again.

Miko's Adventures is a cute 2D platformer adventure-puzzle game, with tons of secrets to discover in each level.

Miko Adventures: Puffball (in development)

In And Out - Night Burglar por Helper Wesley

In this game, made for the 7 day VimJam (8 Bits to Infinity), you play as a thief ninja (yes!)... and you want money. You've heard museums keep expensive things in them, and so off you go.

Find how to steal all these precious things without getting caught!

In And Out - Night Burglar

And tons of other games!

Space Tappers por Taqzwee

ImpossiBall por CrazYBear

Dojo Run por Bruno Silva de Souza

Miko’s Adventures por Coriander Games

Angry Colors por Deevei Free Games

Skull Bat Boy por Super Villain

Durr Burger por Sparckman


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