Platformer room camera

This example shows hows to move camera in between rooms using tweens. In this example, the camera will smoothly move into the next room when the player leaves it in any of the cardinal directions. The examples also has the additions that the player will get an additional jump when jumping up into a transition and will be kept within the current frame when the transition is in progress.

Features used in this example

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The example uses these features:

  • Cameras and layers features
  • Standard Conversions
  • Builtin events
  • Keyboard features
  • Mathematical tools
  • Features for all objects
  • Scene management features
  • Variable features
  • Window features
  • Debugger Tools
  • Platform Behavior
  • Sprite
  • Text object
  • Tiled Sprite Object
  • Tweening

Read more about all features and extensions in GDevelop here.

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