Examples and Starters

GDevelop is bundled with 120+ examples and starters to get you quickly started, learn or try a specific feature.

These are the examples bundled with GDevelop. Curious? You can open and try them directly from your browser. GDevelop is fast to start and you'll be playing with the examples in seconds.


Demonstrate how to show ads from AdMob in your game: banners, interstitial screen or reward videos. Also useful to test that your AdMob account is working properly.

Advanced shape based painter

Show how to use Shape Painter objects to create a simple drawing app.

Animation speed scale

Change the speed of the animation of an object according to its movement speed.


An adptation of the classic arcade game Asteroids with GDevelop.

Basic ai with pathfinding

Show how to use pathfinding to make enemies chase the player.

Basic artificial intelligence

Show how to create enemies looking at the player and chasing him when spotted.

Basic topdown car driving

Show how to create a car that can be controlled by the player.

Bbtext object demo

This shows how to change the bbcode text of a BBText object displayed on the screen.

Betabox basics learning experience

Example level for teaching basic programming skills with extra features and assets.

Board walk with raycast

Example showing how to walk on a tile-based arbitrary board using the Raycast condition.

Bomb the crate

A basic bomberman like game, where the player can move on the map, drop bombs and destroy crates on the map.

Bouncing ball and rope

Simulate a bouncing ball with ropes that can be created to move the ball around anchors.


The classic Breakout arcade game adapted in GDevelop. Read the tutorial about it to learn how to make a game like this.


Learn how to make buttons for the menus in your game.

Cannon ball with physics

An example showing how to launch a ball from a cannon when using the Physics engine.

Car physics

A fun, physics based driving game

Center object within another

How to put an object on the center of another

Change position of object

Show how to move an object by changing its X and Y position.

Change scale of sprites

Show how to change the scale of a sprite (to make a zoom effect for example).

Change sprite animation

Learn how to change the animation of a Sprite object (useful for animating almost all objects in your game: characters, enemies, items...)

Change sprite color

Learn how to change the color of a Sprite object - useful to achieve effects like invincibility with a blue tint or taking damage with a red effect.

Character selection

Example showing how to remember the character selected by the player and use it in other scenes.

Count down timer

Show how to use a variable as a timer and display it on screen like a bomb count down timer.

Create object with mouseclick

Show how to create an object at the position of the click.

Create random object

Show how to create a object randomly picked in a list.

Custom font

Example showing a text with a custom font applied on it.

Custom mouse pointer

Learn how to replace the mouse cursor by a custom image.

Customize keys with lastpressedkey

This explains how to remember the last key that was pressed and customize the inputs of your game.

Device orientation ballgame

Example showing how to use the device sensors to move a ball in a maze.

Device orientation compass

This shows how to use the device sensors to create a compass like app.

Device vibration

Show how to make the device vibrate.

Dialogue tree with yarn

A platformer showing a simple interactive story with dialogues like in RPG games, using the Yarn dialogue tree extension.

Downhill bike physics demo

A fun demo, using the Physics Engine to build an advanced simulation of a bike, with a person pedaling on it. Try to cross the finish line without falling and as fast as possible!

Drag camera with mouse

This shows how to allow the user to move on a map with the mouse.

Drop collect items from storage

Show how to make the player collect objects from boxes on the map.

Endless up runner

A game where the player have to jump on platforms and avoid falling down as the screen goes up. With special objects (spring, rocks), score and Game Over handling!

Exit app

Simple example showing how to close your game.

Facebook instant game

Learn how to use the various Facebook Instant Games APIs to get information about the player, share their scores and have a leaderboard!

Filesystem create directory

Show how to ask the user for a folder name and create it on the disk.

Find diagonals

Show how to delete objects that are located at the diagonals of the click of the player in a board game.

Flappy bird

A clone of the challenging and popular Flappy Bird game, where you control a bird which has to avoid pipes.

Game feel demo

A demo showing how to enhance the "game feel" of your project: VFX, shot trail, ambient sounds and SFX, screenshake, wobble...


A fast paced game where you must jump and avoid obstacles.

Geometry monster

A hyper casual endless game where you have to collect shapes and avoid bombs, with a progressively increasing difficulty.

Health bar

The platform example game adapted to add a health bar to the player, that is decreased when the player touches an enemy.

Infinite scrolling background

Learn how to create a background that is scolling infinitely.

Inventory system

Learn how to display an inventory, with object that can be addded or removed, and how to persist it in storage.

Isometric game

Example of making an isometric 2D game.

Javascript blocks in platformer

This shows how to reproduce the Platformer example using JavaScript code instead of events.

Keyboard practice

A simple game where the player must press the right keys on the keyboard as fast as possible.

Layer effects

An example showing all the layer effects available in GDevelop.

Level editor

Example showing a basic level editor, where you can save and load positions of objects put on the scene during the game. Also shows how to use simple functions.

Level selection unlock

Show how to save user progress and progressively unlock levels.


Example showing the usage of multiple light objects, setting other objects as light obstacles and using a slight blur effect to soften shadows.

Load image from url

Advanced example showing how to use JavaScript to load an image from an external URL.


Show how to move a ball like if it's attracted by a magnet.

Manipulate text object

This shows how to change the text of a Text object displayed on the screen.

Menu with functions and text effects

How to implement the same menu across multiple scenes using functions and text effects for hover/active states.

Move camera to position

This shows how to move the camera to the position of an object on a map.

Move object back and forth

Use events to move objects back and forth vertically or horizontally.

Move object in circle

This shows how to make an object move in circle around some point.

Move object toward position

This shows how to have an object move to a given position on the screen.

Move object with mouse joint

Show how to use physics engine to move an object around with the mouse and realistic movements.

Move object with physics

This shows how to use the forces built in GDevelop to move an object.

Multi language menu

Show how to translate a menu (titles, buttons) in multiple languages and add an option for the player to choose the language.

Multiplayer platformer with gamepads

Example showing how to use the Gamepads extension to read the state of gamepads (or controllers), for 2 players.


This show how to create multiple markers when the player touches the screen.

Object gravity

Use the physics engine to simulate an object moving on a small planet.

Object selection

Simple example showing how the engine of GDevelop select objects to be used in conditions and actions.

Objects timers

Example showing various usage of objects timers (timers that are stored into instances of objects on the scene, as opposed to scene timers which are stored by the scene).

Open url in browser

This shows how to open a website on the system default browser.

P2p networking

A showcase of some multiplayer/networking possibilities using the P2P extension.


Find all matching pairs of cards in this relaxing game. Use tweens to create smooth, natural animations with a few events.


Shows how to have multiple layers with a parallax effect (where the background layers move slower than the foreground).

Parallax scrolling

Another example showing how to have multiple layers with a parallax effect (where the background layers move slower than the foreground).

Parse json from api

Advanced example where JSON content is fetched from a website and information extracted from it.

Parse json string

Advanced example showing how to extract information from a JSON formatted string.

Particle effects demo

A demo of various high quality particle effects (fire, magic, snow, rune spell...) that you can try and use in your game.

Particles explosions

Create explosion effects with the particles engine.

Particles various effects

Create various effects with the particles engine.


This show how to have an object moving from its position to another automatically avoiding obstacles.

Pathfinding basics

Simpler example showing how to get started with Pathfinding, to have an object automatically find its way around obstacles.


Example showing various capabilities of the physics engine integrated to GDevelop.

Physics joints demo

A demo of all the joints that can be created using the Physics engine.

Physics joints settings demo

A demo of all the joints, and the way they can be customized, using the Physics engine.

Pin object to another

Example showing how to have objects "pinned" to another, meaning that they will move/rotate and follow the object they are pinned too.

Pin object to another multiple parents

Example showing how to have objects "pinned" to multiple other objects, meaning that they will move/rotate and follow the object they are pinned too.

Pixel perfect platform game

Very simple example showing the settings to have a pixel-perfect platform game (also applicable to other kind of games).

Plane and clouds

Show how to randomly generate clouds to create an infinite sky.


An example of a basic platformer (Mario-like) game made with GDevelop.

Platformer double jump

The Platformer example modified to allow the player to do a double jump.

Play music on mobile

This show how to properly launch a music on a game on mobile.

Play stop sprite animation

This shows how to pause the animation of a Sprite object.

Racing game

A top-down racing game made using the Physics engine.


Example of creating a ragdoll with physics joints.


Show how to simulate a rain effect by creating several objects.

Random color picker

This shows how to create a grid with random color, and let the player choose one.

Rotate toward mouse

Show how to rotate an object so that it looks toward the player cursor.

Rotate toward position

Show how to rotate an object so that it looks toward a specified position on the scene.

Rotate with keypress

Basic example showing how to rotate an object.

Save load

Advanced example showing how to persist data and then reload them from storage (useful to store game progress, or save the state of some objects in a game).

Screen shake

Make the screen shake when some event occurs.

Shoot bullet in parabola

Show how to use various mathematical expressions to move an object following a parabola shape

Shoot bullets

Basic example showing how to shoot bullets from an object.

Shooting bullets explanation

Basic example showing how to shoot bullets from one or multiple objects at the same time.

Simple space shooter

An older, simple space shooter demo, made without any behaviors from extensions. Prefer taking a look at the Space Shooter starter to learn about useful behaviors and patterns for making your games.

Snap object to grid

Example showing how to create a grid and have objects snapped to the grid.

Space invaders

A Space Invaders-like game, where you have a turret and shoot on enemies coming from the sky.

Space shooter

A beautiful, retro side-scrolling shooter where you must defeat incoming enemies with your mecha transforming spaceship. Huge boss included!

Splash screen

Show how to create a splashscreen at the beginning of your game.

Sprite fade in out

This shows how to make a sprite fade in and out on the screen.

Tabbed menu with layers

Example showing how to create a menu with multiple tabs.

Take screenshot

Show how to save a screenshot of the game on the disk (on Windows/macOS/Linux only).

Text entry object

This shows how to use the Text Entry object to capture what is written on the keyboard.

Text fade in out

This shows how to make a text fade in and out on the screen.

Text to speech

Advanced example showing how to use JavaScript and HTML5 api to make a text read by your computer.

Toggle music play sound

Example showing how to play a music and add controls on the screen to pause it, change the volume or mute the sounds totally.

Tween animations

Examples of how to use a variety of tween animations, including object position, color, opacity, angle, and scale.

Tween test

An example project that tests all Tween extension functionality.

Type on text effect

This show how to create an effect where a text is progressively typed on the screen.

Unlock items

Show how to save the items unlocked by the user and load them later (when the game is launched again for example, or when starting a saved game).

Video player

An example of a complete video player with controls to play/pause, change the volume, jump to a position in the video...

Z depth

Example where the player can move a character on a map, and the character is displayed behind or in front of other objects according to its position.

Zombie laser

Simple game where the player must use his laser powered gun to destroy zombies running at him.

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