AdMob の広告

AdMob logo


1) AdMobアカウントを作成します

Go to AdMob website and create an account. Then, create a new app from the AdMob interface and an ad unit. Note the identifiers for both the app and the ad unit, as they will be used in your game.

Create an app and an ad unit in AdMob

2) GDevelopでAdMobを設定する

In GDevelop, open the properties of your game and paste the AdMob app id. This acts as the identification that allows AdMob to serve ads in your app.

Set up AdMob app id in GDevelop

3) イベントから広告を表示させるよう設定する

Add events in your game to load and show the ad when needed (this can be when a level is successfully completed for example). Paste the ad unit identifier into the parameters of the action. You can also enter "test" for loading a test ad.

Add events to display AdMob ads.

4) Androidでゲームを公開する


Export to Android from GDevelop in a few clicks

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